Human Design + Creative Process

Discover how you are designed to create.

Human Design is a system for understanding the way each of us individually processes energy and information on an embodied and intellectual level. It shows how we can navigate decision-making, career and relationships in the way that brings the most ease. When applied to creative process, it can help us understand our subconscious patterns and blocks, the conditioning that may be getting in the way of creating, and ultimately the most efficient and effective way to create. 

"Our entire concept of “the mind” needs to be expanded considerably. The mind can no longer be thought of as being confined to the brain or the intellect; it exists in every cell in our bodies."

                      -Dr. Candace Pert 

Creative process relies on the mind like no other kind of work. But what is the mind? As ancient science has long told us and modern science is beginning to prove, the mind is located throughout the body. (over reliance on the conscious mind can cause suffering) So in essence, whether you are painting, acting or writing, you are creating with your body. But how do we work with the intelligence of the body? It can feel completely terrifying and unknowable as it's outside of the realm of our conscious intelligence. But learning to work with our somatic intelligence can transform a creative process from one defined by uncertainty and fear, to one defined by understanding and trust.