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Creating the life you want is a process. What’s yours? Every person is unique. Yet most of us are conditioned to believe there are only a few correct ways to navigate the world and find success. Human Design gives us each the operating manual for our own unique process, whether it’s building a business, writing a book, or simply finding the perfect schedule for your day. It provides practical and actionable strategies to improve the way you make decisions, navigate relationships and career, and ultimately understand yourself and your purpose. Move from complexity to simplicity. See yourself with clarity. Create ease.


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Human Design - Intro Reading $30

This 30 minute reading will introduce you to the basics of Human Design and your unique design. We'll discuss best practices for using your energy, making decisions, health and more.

Human Design - In-Depth

This 60 minute reading will cover the basic principles of Human Design, but also delve into the specific elements of your chart. We'll discuss areas of challenge as well as how to lean into your individual strengths.

Creative Process Consultation $100

This 60 minute reading will look at your creative process through the lens of Human Design. We'll address potential areas of struggle and block, as well as streamlining and enhancing your process overall. 


Jessie Latham

Creativity Consultant + Human Design Guide

I'm passionate about process. As a 3/5 Projector, I've used my own trial and error process to understand how to tap into embodied intelligence to bring ease and efficiency to my life. Using the tools of Human Design, I work to remove resistance and find flow in my creative process and yours. 


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